Branding for my Young Enterprise company- One Fine Pallet
Alike many other companies, we chose to focus on the environment. Our idea was to make signs out of old pallet wood, this was a unique idea which hadn’t been done before, therefore, when designing, I wanted to make sure our brand stood out. So, I decided to design the branding in a Carolina Blue as well as keeping it very clean and minimalistic to contrast the common greens of the other companies. However, I still had the main title written in script to reflect the more homemade aspect of the company. I also took into consideration the practicality of the logo, since we would be using it on many things it needed to fit within a square easily. Along with the logo, I created a branding identity because I wanted it to be consistent across all the different mediums. Therefore, I chose three fonts and a colour palette which we would exclusively use for things like our signs, Instagram and presentations. It was a branding scheme which was very successful in remaining consistent and standing out from the other competitors.
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